Welcome to Providence Living!

We are a new non-profit health care organization established by Providence Health Care to redefine our collective expectation of seniors’ care in British Columbia.

Formerly known as Providence Residential and Community Care, Providence Living was formed from a deep desire to be part of a global movement to completely rethink and reimagine the experience of seniors and others in need of care, replacing care homes with genuine communities.

Providence Living rejects the monotony and institutional-thinking that can trap both residents and staff. Instead we create space for the individuality, joy and spontaneity that make life rich and fulfilling.

Providence Living also challenges the hierarchy of the “cared-for and the carer” and is designing physical spaces that will make resident-directed care a safe expectation for all, including those with memory issues.

At its heart, the people of Providence Living believe every individual has a story — a rich history filled with unique experiences and achievements, a rewarding life in the present, and goals and interests for the future. And we believe uncovering and honouring these stories provides the opportunity to co-create a full and meaningful life.