Our Sites & Services

We are uniquely qualified and positioned to deliver specialized seniors and community care because of our history of faith-based compassionate care delivery, and the ability to develop land we own in a way that supports our mission.

The Views at St. Joseph’s  – Comox, Vancouver Island

The first site and care community that will become part of PRCC is The Views at St. Joseph’s.

This was made possible when the Bishop of Victoria (previous owner of St. Joseph’s) and PRCC reached an agreement in the spring of 2018 in which the ownership and operations of St. Joseph’s were transferred to PRCC.

St. Joseph’s and PRCC share a desire to shift long-term care from an institutionalized medical model of care to a home-like environment with modern, convenient residences and a community that people truly want to live in based on social interaction, access to the outdoors and a sense of connection to their neighborhood and broader community. 

The transfer to PRCC includes the Views’ 117 complex-care residential beds and four hospice beds.  Also to be transferred will be the 21 interim complex care beds and three interim respite care beds that Island Health opened at St. Joseph’s Comox in September 2018 to strengthen seniors care in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

This amalgamation reaffirms a joint commitment to strengthening compassionate seniors care and hospice service in the Comox Valley community. As this area’s seniors’ population continues to grow, the need for quality care and services – particularly for dementia patients – will also rise.

Future Care Homes & Sites

As part of the strategy to ensure sustainability and renewal of its residential care homes, Providence Health Care will be transferring its seniors’ care sites to PRCC.  PRCC’s mandate is to focus on seniors care specifically through PRCC’s exciting vision to develop “Dementia Villages” and communities of care in Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

The following sites and homes will become part of PRCC to operate in the future:

The transition of our current care homes into more home-like neighbourhoods can be enabled through our well-planned, bold vision – one built on partnerships with residents, families, communities, and like-minded organizations focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.