Who We Are

BC-based health care provider Providence Health Care established Providence Living in 2017 to create a focus on radically improving both the environment and experience of older British Columbians living in long-term care, their families and the staff who care for them. Driven by research, innovation and global best practices, Providence Living is a leader in creating forward-thinking services, homes, neighbourhoods and communities where people are inspired to see their loved ones and themselves.

Reflecting a strong partnership between Providence Health Care and The Views at St. Joseph’s in Comox, Providence Living currently consists of The Views and a small administrative staff. Over time, Providence Health Care’s long-term care facilities are envisioned to transition to Providence Living to create an organization solely focused on seniors care with a vision of innovation and excellence.

Now with its own Board of Directors and management structure, Providence Living will remain closely aligned with Providence Health Care over time. While two separate entities, they will continue building on Providence’s proven record, strong foundation, and legacy of excellence in seniors care and housing. While distinct from Providence Health Care, Providence Living shares the belief that providing compassionate care connected to faith-based principles provides their clients with care that feels like it comes from family, and a place to live that feels like home.