Our Sites & Services

The Views at St. Joseph’s located in Comox on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is currently home to 169 residents and offers long-term care accommodations in four-bed, semi-private and private rooms.

Sitting on spectacular ocean-front property adjacent to the former St. Joseph’s General Hospital, The Views is also able to accommodate up to four people looking for a short-term respite stay, and proudly and compassionately serves four patients in their hospice unit. The Views was built in 1982 and 1996, and the hospice unit was added in 2015. 

The Views at St. Joseph's History

The Views joined Providence Living on April 1, 2019, which was made possible through an agreement between the Bishop of Victoria (the previous owner of St. Joseph’s Hospital) and Providence Living. As the seniors’ population in this area continues to grow, the need for quality care and services – particularly for dementia patients – is also increasing. As such, The Views at St. Joseph’s and Providence Living share a joint commitment to strengthen compassionate seniors care in the Comox Valley.

St. Joseph’s commitment to serving the community dates back to 1913 when the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto came to the Comox Valley and established their first hospital in Western Canada, a four-bedroom farmhouse. St. Joseph’s operated as the Comox Valley’s main hospital for more than 100 years and was replaced by the new North Island Hospital Comox Valley Campus in 2017.

Today, The Views at St. Joseph's upholds the tradition of community service set by the founding sisters, and furthers their legacy of providing compassionate care while valuing the dignity and meeting the unique needs of each person.

Future Care Homes & Sites

Together, Providence Health Care and Providence Living have a compelling vision for seniors’ care in British Columbia. Their vision is one of innovation and excellence through implementing new models of care that reflect global best practices and the creation of several care villages modeled on the concepts of a dementia village.

Rethinking physical spaces is a critical part of Providence Living’s path to joyful and fulfilling care environments. Imagine a purpose-built village surrounded by a safe perimeter. Within these villages you’ll find homes, shops, services, and restaurants. You’ll also find people who live there interacting with the people visiting them and with the people working there. You might find a daycare where children and seniors, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, can play and interact safely. This is a particularly important vision for Providence Living as we see it as a path to dramatically improve quality of life for people with dementia, frailty and/or limited mobility.

Providence Health Care envisions the transfer of its seniors’ care sites to Providence Living as part of its strategy to ensure the sustainability and renewal of its long-term care homes. 

The following sites and homes are envisioned to become part of Providence Living in the future:

Due to our commitment to non-profit seniors’ care, any funds Providence Living receives are reinvested back into the costs of running our community. As a nonprofit organization, we are not beholden to profit motives or shareholders and as a result, our staff and residents directly benefit from more funding for direct care, as well as a community that is stable, sustainable and purpose-driven.